Pain Management

The Storz Medical Device is a break-through solution for Drug-free PAIN RELIEF

Pain Management in New York. Non Invasive treatment, No Surgery, No Medication, Alternative Healing in Manhattan, New York City. Storz Medical Device.

About the Storz Medical Device:
The V Factor acoustic wave handgun sends 15 hertz of soundwave, deep into the tissue being treated …

I had the opportunity of being trained in this medical device in January 2013.


It treats neuromuscular pain / musculoskeletal pain like a miracle!

Encouraging the body’s natural healing response to regenerate the tissue of the body.

Consultation: $0.00 ( FREE)
Individual Treatments: $300.00 each


I’ve personally treated many patients for:

All joints, muscles, tendons, ligaments, tears, strains, sprains,

and fractures that have healed twice as fast!


Post-surgery, in conjunction with stem cell injections,

Crohn's disease

Plantar fasciitis


Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dissolved calcification on bone, bone spurs, heel spurs

Tennis elbow, Carpel tunnel,

Toes, all parts of the feet, ankles,

Hands, wrists, fingers



Shoulders, neck, spine

Pain from multiple sclerosis,


I have also for the last 2 years been treating BPH as it dramatically reduces prostate swelling / greatly reducing trips to the bathroom, urinary bladder control for men and women, erectile dysfunction of all phases and all ages, greater sexual wellness, and enhancement at any age for men and women.

 It brings me great joy to help patients find relief from pain when they thought that there was no relief or lasting relief available.

I’ve treated over 1000 patients in the last 7 years. All of my patients call it the miracle wand because the results are seen immediately and are so lasting, most often permanent in just 3 to 5 treatments.

I’ve attended the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine Conferences twice a year for the past 6 years and worked closely with many of the doctors in the academy. This has allowed me to be further educated in understanding the inflammatory response of healing and being able to better help my patients understand their own healing.

The Storz medical wave is truly the most advanced, cutting edge medical device I have ever seen, because of its versatility to treat the entire body, neuromuscular and musculoskeletal.

Many of my patients call me, “the Queen of the Soundwave” because of my vast and rich experience in treating so many patients with many different health concerns which have given me great knowledge and understanding of the power and ability of the acoustic wave to achieve quick, lasting, successful results. My patients also tell me, “you are different than any other healthcare provider I have seen because you truly care about my health as if it was your own body!” This sets me apart from others.

Other medical practitioners – If you would be interested in speaking with me to discuss adding the Storz medical device to your Practice, please contact me. I educate and treat patients as an independent contractor. The Storz medical device is an amazing asset to assist with healing and pain and becomes an excellent source of income

Our Mission Is to Provide a Professional & Honest Approach to treating Pain Management

“Natalie is a true healer and every sense of the word. She worked on me using the Soundwave for pain and it helped my sciatica and hip and low back!! I cannot praise her enough. Are kind loving gentle professional touch is truly a gift from God.”

Shanda Barnes


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